Gripping Fearless plot, complex yet simple, intense stories.

There are two main stories that runs in parallel setup in different cities across Japan, one where Kafka is a runaway from home — searching for freedom, his lost ones and seeking answers to his puzzling life circumstances. Other one is of Nakata who was a victim of an assumed mass hypnosis in his childhood. Multiple thick substories add depth to the plot infusing life in it.

The stories toggle between consciousness and subconsciousness. Initial plot building and characterisation is slow and detailed. Half mark, the story picks up its pace…

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Trevor Noah narrates emotionally intense stories right from his childhood back in Soweto, South Africa. The stories are dramatic and colourful — the colours generally are White, Black and Colored (a mix of White and Black parent, like he was). Narration is humorous and just when you would have started laughing, in the next sentence it gets serious. Just when you would think, there couldn’t be another tragedy, comes another, harder than all the previous ones!
In South Africa, among the Blacks, women held the community together, the males were always away. Trevor’s mother is another central character…

An American, James and an Indian associate, Rohit are in a discussion over a video conference. James is referring to a keynote and explaining a critical Business change, and Rohit is listening to it with rapt attention. Rohit is nodding his head slightly forward periodically signalling ‘he is with the speaker, he is attentive, he is following the discussion, he is on the same page’. He was told to do so while attending college lectures.

James read the nodding of Rohit as — not being excited about the matter. Rohit hasn’t understood the explanation, is not with him or worst…

Indian and German working style.

Germans are incredibly competitive in skilled sectors. Being on time at work and meetings is appreciated. The hourly productivity in Germany is very high. 7 AM to 3 PM could be their office time. People prefer focusing on work, completing tasks and getting back home on time. This gives them a reasonable time to spend with family. They also pursue their hobbies each day after work hours. That’s the secret of their balanced life.

Indians are good at work, and there is no denying in it. If you give them a task, most likely they would do it. The quality…

Best Seller on Amazon India!

“I want to make a big bang launch. It should be on Amazon India, International and Prime enabled on the same day”, myself to the publisher.

“Amazon listing happens step by step, one at a time”, they replied. “It cannot happen on a single day”.

“Is there a work around? Why should Prime users pay shipping charges?” I have asked.

“Wait for everything to be in place. Even the best of the world like Apple launches products in a phased manners”, came the reply.

Eyes open, ears raised.

“Do you guys look up to Apple for setting the standards?” …

What is the one thing that reduces your efficiency?

Yesterday I was playing Chess with my son, and he advised me not to play the same piece twice consecutively. If you do, that means your first step was ineffective, you are inefficient. You are one step behind me, he shared. I took note.

The same strategy applies in the corporate world too!

Sending reminders to get things done at the workplace is the single most act that reduces your efficiency.

You cannot move forward if there is a dependency. Part of your energy is engaged in getting the task done…

Writing tip#01 : Get the best editor in town!

Since reading Odyssey: Pepsi to Apple book, stories of Steve Jobs would inspire and intrigue me. When his autobiography was released, I consumed it from word to word. The beauty of the book is that it never explicitly calls out the qualities of Jobs but leaves a lot of impression on the readers. The one attribute of him that distinctly stood out for me was, he was an excellent editor.

He may not have created all the design himself, but he knew what he wanted. He was a visionary and would…

How you can become a Santa?

It was my 7th Birthday. As I unravelled the beautiful blue coloured box, a Casio digital wristwatch was smiling at me. My grandfather exactly knew, what will work wonders for me. He was my Santa!

When at abroad, gifting a watch to your Chinese colleague should be avoided. ‘Giving a clock’ sounds like the Chinese words for ‘attending a funeral ritual’. It also symbolizes running out of time. A nicely wrapped tea box, fruits (Oranges have a special significance, given in even number) and Red envelop (‘Hong bao’) with even number amount for kids could make you a Santa!

With Europeans, for example, Germans: flowers, quality wine, chocolates, or a small gift that is not expensive would be appropriate. Perfume is considered too personal for gifting!


What scared me the most during the initial days at abroad?

As a kid, my grandfather would take me for a haircut. It used to be on Sundays. People would wait for their turns, sitting in a cramped place, glued in newspapers and a small television set at the corner or the shop, playing Rangoli tele-serial. I would sit on a wooden plank placed over the chair armrest to adjust my height and got the best haircut in the town.

Cut short to when I went to Singapore the first time. After postponing the plan umpteen number of times out…

“Hi!”, he said with a pleasant smile.
“Hi!”, she said, looking in his eyes for a moment and then looking away.
“You are beautiful!”, he complimented.
“Wow! Wasn’t that too fast. You don’t even know me. Thanks, anyways”, she replied shyly.
“Yeah, that was fast. But I don’t know how long we are together”, he said with a blank face.
“But why were you looking upset a moment ago?”, he enquired with a concern.
“And how do you know that?”, she was puzzled.
“I read your face”, he said.
“Then you should also know why I was upset”, she said.
“If I read that also then this beautiful conversation…

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Author of #1 Best Seller book ‘7 Untold Secrets of Living Abroad’. The book is available globally. For more visit: karanagrawal.com

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