Gripping Fearless plot, complex yet simple, intense stories.

There are two main stories that runs in parallel setup in different cities across Japan, one where Kafka is a runaway from home — searching for freedom, his lost ones and seeking answers to his puzzling life circumstances. Other one is of Nakata who was a victim of an assumed mass hypnosis in his childhood. Multiple thick substories add depth to the plot infusing life in it.

The stories toggle between consciousness and subconsciousness. Initial plot building and characterisation is slow and detailed. Half mark, the story picks up its pace and everything starts flowing with high intensity. You may start predicting where you are heading but every time there is a subtle twist. If Kafka inside you woke up lost in a remote area while flipping pages, you aren’t alone!

Murakami’s writing style will leave a mark on you, bold story telling, and fearless stories built in complexities and simplicities. Murakami keeps switching conversations between conscious, subconscious and projections of mind, reality and illusion, leaves a lot for the readers to interpret, making him a celebrated author. He has a knack of putting metaphors and simile from across books, history and facts.

From Book: ‘Fate is like a small sandstorm that keeps changing direction. You change direction, but sandstorm chases you… it isn’t that blew far away from you… it is something inside you.’ ‘In travelling, a companion, in life compassion.’ ‘Pointless thinking is worse than no thinking atall.’ ‘There’s no war that will end all the wars.’

A real page turner. Exhaustive reading. You got to ensure that you absorb the plot and context. There so many subtle life lessons, if at all you want to draw, nothing obvious. Some stories may be weird. Recommended for the style of writing.

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